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From “Large” to “Strong”

      Last week, Ms. Bai Yi, the vice director and chief engineer of NATIONAL PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL PLANNING INSTITUTE (NPCPI) revealed that the 12th five year development planning outline for petroleum and chemical industry has been drafted. The planning aims to strengthen the large-scale industry by adjusting structure of the industry and upgrading the industry’s competitiveness. 

     It is known that in the next 5 years, China will further optimize the structure of petrochemical enterprises. More petrochemical enterprises in China will have their sale  revenues  achieve  top  100  enterprises  in  China,  that  is,  1/3  petrochemical enterprises should be top 100 enterprises in the next 5 years. There will be at least 10 petrochemical enterprises achieving more than 100 billion Yuan ($14.7 million) sale revenues in the next 5 years. The traditional industries, such as nitrogen, pesticide, chlor-alkali, calcined soda, calcium carbide and so on, should be more concentrated by eliminating the backward plants and consolidating small enterprises. Under the adjustment, production of high-concentration fertilizer should account for 85% of the total production. The slow/controlled released phosphate will be promoted more widely. More efficient, lower toxic and less residual pesticides are encouraged. Natural gas based nitrogen production will be lessened. And the efficiency of usage of lower grade coal and lower grade ore is expected to be improved. 
     Besides, coal chemical enterprises are encouraged to be concentrated to the places rich in raw materials. 60% fertilizer producing enterprises should be set near the raw material resources while build of special-used fertilizers and fine chemicals factories should be convenient for end-market.  

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