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Fertilizer Reserve and Export Tariff Policies May Be Amended


 (From the Report by Tu Qiaohong, Duputy Director of Department of Trade of National Development and Reform Commission)

Job objectives for next year:

    Firstly, to adjust subsidy for means of agriculture production. In order to benefit farmers, the government decided to adjust subsidy for means of agriculture production in 2011 according to the price of fertilizers. Farmers will get more subsidies if the prices go up.

    Second, to mend the export tariff policy. Seen from fertilizer export situation in recent two years, export tariff policy played an important role on adjusting both domestic and international fertilizer market. The policy for next year will be amended both on period and tariff quota according to domestic fertilizer market. The government will ensure domestic supply in busy season.

    Next, to continue fertilizer reserve policy. On the 2010-2011 fertilizer reserve conference held by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance, the fertilizer reserve which amounts to 15.3 million ton has been arranged to be allocated to 72 enterprises. The reserve started from 1st of October. 

    Then, to strengthen the supervision on fertilizer market. Related governments and departments will strengthen the supervision by punishing the activity that producers or dealers raise prices unreasonably and ensuring the quality of NPK products, etc. 

(Source: China Agri-Production News)


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