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To Develop WSF Industry Helps with Transformation of Chinese Agriculture’s Pattern


     On 12th of Oct, 2010 Global Seminar for Leaders of WSF Industry, sponsored by China Agri-Production News and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Batian Ecotypic Engineering Co,. Ltd., Haifa Chemicals Ltd, Wuhan Zhongnong International Trade Co. Ltd., and Qingdao Help Bioscience Co., Ltd., was held in Harbin. Some experts, directors and representatives from some domestic and foreign chemical companies attended the seminar. After the heated discussion about policies and standards for water soluble fertilizers (WSF), it is generally agreed that growth of WSF industry will help the development of Chinese agriculture. 

Gao Xiangzhao, Director of Water Management Technology Division National Agro-Technical Center of Ministry of Agriculture

To Develop WSF Industry Helps with Transformation of Chinese Agriculture’s Pattern

     The development of Chinese WSF industry has experienced the period from foliage spray fertilizer to variety of microelement and organic fertilizers. WSF have been used to be the supplement fertilizers and are expected to be the mainstream fertilizers in China. At the same time, Chinese farmer households are experiencing the change from small-scale household to large-scale mechanized farming. Therefore, WSF play an important role on Chinese agriculture’s transformation. Water managing agriculture, irrigating agriculture, especially micro-irrigation and drop-irrigation provide the new direction for fertilizer industry’s development. I believe, WSF industry is facing the prosperous future. 60% arable land in China needs irrigation. Considering environmental protection and higher efficiency of fertilizers, it may be the best option to change the way of irrigation and fertilization.

Zhang Guimin, Business Manager of SQM Europe N.V. Beijing Office

The Thoughts of Marketing Needs to Be Initiated to Develop WSF Industry

     The development and guidance of WSF need the transition period when standard for WSF should be set.

     At present, it is very popular on promotion and sale of WSF. As the scale of land consolidation expanding, application of solid fertilizers will decrease for fertilizer production and application cost can be reduced by using liquid fertilizers. The raw materials of liquid fertilizers are easier to get, which is beneficial for WSF companies.

     Some traditional fertilizer producers are trying to make transformation. But marketing of WSF has the feature of technology intensity and requires excellent talents. Salesmen need to provide different formulation at different time for different plants, which is the difficulty for the companies.

     Besides, pricing is another important element companies need to consider. There are three ways to price the products—pricing according to market, cost and rate of return. The third way is proper for WSF because service is another important part of WSF sale.

Pengbo, Manager of Haifa Chemicals Ltd. Beijing Office

Industrial Standard Guarantees WSF Industry’s Development

     It is necessary to set WSF industrial standard. There is a long history of soluble fertilizers in Israel. Standard is important for both domestic companies and foreign companies. Haifa entered Chinese market when there was no related industrial standard. We felt so confused that there were many problems on production and sale. It was hard for us to persuade not only dealers but technicians as well. We worked hard on promoting our products.

     After 40 years’ trial, Israeli fertilizer companies have accumulated much experience to tackle lack of water. According to the standard from the companies, the WSF need to concern with the content of N, P & K and content of insoluble elements. For example, there are the regulations about content of chlorine and heavy metal, and PH standard.

     As for the promotion of products, over ten years’ experience about sale in China shows that Chinese farmers get used to try the products before they trust it totally. Right now, our products has already get trust from farmers and support from governments and institutions.

     Besides, the standard won’t be perfect once it is set up. It needs long time to perfect it. It is very important for the foreign companies which make business in China to present their needs in the standard through communication and practical and follow the standard strictly. 

(Source: China Agri-Production News)


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